Covid-19 Rule Changes

20.  COVID-19 Rule Changes

a.    For the 2020 Fall Season, no team will field a catcher. It will be the responsibility         

       of kickers to return the ball to the pitcher for any ball not kicked into play.

b.    Safety bases will be added to all 4 bases that will be placed 6 feet away from the      

       fielder's bases. Kickers/Runners are to use the safety bases only & fielders are to

       use the fielder's bases only.

c.    1st & 3rd base coaches must remain 6 feet at a minimum from all fielders & runners.

d.    The umpire will make an effort to remain 6 feet away from all fielders however

       during plays it may be necessary to be closer.

e.    Any player on the bench must remain at least 6 feet from other players. This includes

       the kicking team, and any player on the fielding team not currently on the field.

f.     Only Montclair Kickball players registered for the 2020 Fall Season are allowed

       on the field or on the player benches. All non-players will be asked to leave.

g.    All players are required to wear a mask when not fielding, kicking, or


h.    Social distancing of 6 feet must be exercised at all times by all players not involved 

       in a current play, and during active plays, every effort must be made to maintain

       social distancing.  Any player who fails to adhere to this when necessary will

       be asked to leave the game.

i.     No spitting will be allowed on the field. Any player found spitting will be asked

       to leave the game.

j.     There will be no high-fives with the opposing team after games this season.

k.    Players should arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to their game and should                                                    

       exit the field following the conclusion of their game.

l.     All rules are subject to change to align with state & county laws & executive

       orders. Currently, Essex County parks are requiring everyone to wear masks. If

       this is still the case when the season starts, then all players including fielders,

       kickers and runners will be required to wear masks. 

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